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Web Sites & Domain Hosting

Ultra Responsive

Ultra responsive and seamless interface makes navigating the website much easier than before.

Buildable with Bolt ons

Build and develop your website over time with fantastic bolt on features and plugins.

Awesome Features

Flexible features such as graphs and counters to display information in many different formats.

SEO Friendly

Search Engine Optimisation isn’t a chore with the structure of our websites.

Blogs and Social Media

Built in blog system will allow you to send updates to your website – anywhere, any time.

Beautiful Design

Amazing graphic design tailor made to your business and delivered cleanly and concisely.

Our pricing options

Small Business Package

Starter website for an online presence
  • 600 Words

  • 4 Pages

  • SEO

  •  Blog

  •  Social Media

  •  Hosting

Premium Business Package

For Small to Medium Businesses
  • 1200 Words

  • 12 Pages

  • SEO

  •  Blog

  •  Social Media

  •  Hosting

Enterprise Business Package

Corporate website designed to 'WOW
  • 2500 Words

  • 25 Pages

  • 1 Month SEO

  • 1 Month Blog

  • 1 Month Social Media

  • 1 Year Hosting

E-Commerce Package

Shopping Cart and Payment solutions
  • 3000 Words

  • 40 Pages

  • All Enterprise Features

  • Shopping Cart

  • Billing & Payment Options

  • 50 Product Listings

Blog Services

Keep your website alive, fresh and up to date. The best way to optimise your site for Google (SEO) is to have a steady in-stream of detailed information being fed into your site. The key is to have that content designed around specific key words and phrases relating to the type of inquiries you wish to receive.

To get your website popping up high on the page with Google search results you can never have enough blogs.  Let one of our SEO experts get in touch with you to discuss the best methods of optimising your new website. Blogs can also be self-managed but why not leave it to the experts. Original copyright produced literature is the only way to go.

Don’t leave this to strangers or crafty sales people who may call you promoting SEO. If any material has been recycled or ‘cut and pasted’ you may risk ‘black listing’ your website with Google.

Small Business Package

Price $65.00+GST p/m

  • Quarterly phone consultation
  • One 180 word blog per month

Medium Business Package

Price $195.00+GST p/m

  • Monthly consultation
  • Three 200 word Blogs per month (one of those blogs may include a tagged image)

Enterprise Business Package

Price $390.00+GST p/m

  • Fortnightly consultation (if requested)
  • Two 150 word Blogs per week (one of those blogs per week may include a tagged image

Hosting Elements

There are 3 elements to hosting; Domain Hosting (where your .com.au is managed), Web Hosting (where your website is housed) and Email Hosting (where your email accounts are managed and created).

We can take the hassle out of this complicated process. We offer 3 packages currently. If you require a solution which is outside of the box please call or email us to arrange a quote.

Small Business Package (per 12 months)

Price $240.00+GST


  • Up to 5 email addresses (each with 1 GB storage capacity)
  • 10 GB Web Space
  • Tech Support

Premium Business Package (per 12 months)

Price $312.00+GST


  • Up to 15 email addresses (each with 5 GB storage capacity)
  • 20 GB Web Space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Tech Support

Enterprise Business Package (e-commerce compatible per 12 months)  

Please contact us regarding a customised quote. E-Commerce hosting typically starts $55.00+GST per month charged on a 12 monthly basis. For higher traffic and transaction sites the fee may be higher. A smaller fee could be possible depending on expected traffic. We can arrange an information pack for you upon request.

Google Adwords Account Management

To bulldoze your way onto top of the list with your potential customers Google search results Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising can be the way to go. You can pick your own budget with Google. ECOWEB can help steer you through the Google Adwords program.

It does pay to have an expert support you with this, at least initially, as Google will be thorough in trying to extract additional revenue from your business.

In order to get the maximum ROI on your Google Adwords investment let us guide you through the gauntlet and help you establish a solid and reliable on-line advertising platform through Google.

And…It really does work.

Price $130.00+GST per month


  • Set up, consultation and educational coaching
  • Monthly review and analysis
  • On-going strategic assessment

Social Media

Social media is an on-line platform that must be managed carefully. Think of it as a testimonial service. A potential customer may have seen your business through any of your marketing means or by word of mouth. Then, in turn, may go to Facebook or Twitter to see what other people really think about your business. This can be positive feedback or negative. The key is to respond regularly to feedback and comments.

In addition to this you may wish to explore paid advertising solutions which work very well for certain types of businesses. Please contact us via email or phone to discuss a Social Media strategy for your business.

Facebook Account Management

Set up price $260.00+GST

On-going charges are arranged on a quote basis at $78.00+GST per hour.

Twitter Account Management

Set up price $130.00+GST

On-going charges are arranged on a quote basis at $78.00+GST per hour.

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