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Mobile Phones, Tablets and the tech revolution.

There’s no sense in denying it; for the majority of us, mobile phones and tablets are at the centre of our universe. Here at eco Communications we understand technology is frequently advancing and that it can be hard to keep up with the newest and the best models. Carriers are constantly changing their plans to reflect the latest trends, and it can become overwhelming getting caught up in all the technical jargon around these devices – and that’s where we can help you!

It’s not just your mobile device; it’s your messaging device, your on-the-go Web browser, your camera, your music player, your GPS navigation unit, as well as your office phone system extension, and more. Most of us expect a multi-functional device that works in with our day to day life; some of us don’t want or need all the ‘whiz bang’.

Whatever the case, we can help.

We take four things into account when choosing the best solution for you:



You might have a preference or you might need to be guided



Buy your device outright versus going on a plan (all carriers do both)



Based on your call and data usage – spending is minimised; savings are maximised.


Can be by choice, and sometimes has to be by necessity, depending on the signal in your area.

We can devise effective money saving strategies to best suit your needs, essentially finding the plan and carrier best suited to you. We have over 18 years experience in providing solutions for mobile phones so we can point you in the right direction, ensuring you avoid the usual pitfalls that carriers make oodles of money out of.

When it comes to mobile phones, eco Communications represents a fresh innovative concept in telecommunications where we work for you, and not for the carrier, allowing us to be completely independent in our recommendations.

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